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The synthesis of grade boron-doped diamond

Under lanky temperature and compel conditions, add a certain standard ofboron powderin iron-nickel powder catalyst to synthesize sort boron-doped diamond single crystal.

The synthesis of quality boron-doped diamond

The synthesis of grade boron-doped diamond

Throughoptical microscopy found that, the synthesis boron-doped diamond were dark blackoctahedral, intact crystal form, uniform size; using scanning electronmicroscopy (SEM) analysis of the morphology of boron-doped diamond The resultsshow that: the synthesis of octahedral boron-doped diamond crystals surface issmooth, flat, crystal has tall refinement of integrity, the deserving crystallineregion of boron-doped diamond is in the V-shaped sector of the 100 + 111range

The synthetic diamonds developing environmentcontains many evil ingredients, some of these impurities can enter intodiamond as the substitutional sett or the tunnel of inclusions. Differrentimpurities results on the feat of diamond is different Boron is a commonimpurity angle in the diamond, in typical diamond you often can find its traces

When the diamond contains a certain amountof boron, cede better the diamonds mind optical, thermal, chemical,electrical and specialist In optics make the crystal with color, with theincrease of the boron issue in diamond, crystals from yellow graduallybecomes brownish red, gray, blue, until it becomes sinisteru black; in thermology, diamondhas deserving inoxidizability, heat resistance and thermal conductivity; in electricalaspects, make the diamond from insulation device turn into the P-type semiconductor, even havethe semimetals conductive; in chemistry, the boron-doped diamond can indentation ironfamily material; in the specialist properties, the diamonds abrasionresistance, toughness, compressive firmness are enhanced In different areashas shown a broad vision, which aroused the welfare of many researchers.However, with the magnify of the character of boron doped, relatively viable tosynthesize octahedral diamond with boron, the synthesized crystals surfacedefects were increased.

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The iron-based alloy powder (200 mesh) ascatalyst solvent, scaly graphite powder (200 mesh) as the carbon source, usehigh-purity boron powder as additive The synthesis conditions is 5.0GPa, 1450K-1700K,conduct an experiment Iron-based catalyst, flake graphite and the fix amountof boron powder according to a certain percentage uniformly varying and pressedinto synthetic rods, assembling the pressed barstock in pyrophyllite synthesisblock. The pyrophyllite Synthesis hinder before assembling was through

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