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Some may assume that jewelry stores are having a rough time in our downward spiraling economy but this isnt the case. Although the luxury vend overall has slipped a mouthful in some ways, in others i.

Jewelry Stores Draw Male Shoppers

Jewelry Stores Draw Male Shoppers

Some may surmise that jewelry stores are having a grating instance in our downward spiraling economy but this isnt the case. Although the luxury vend overall has slipped a morsel in some ways, in others its quite vibrant Take baubles, bangles and rings, for model Both men and women are inert loving their trinkets with males showing the largest augment in purchases Back in the day, men didnt care so much about their exterior but today, this has shifted. Males salary emphasis to their haircuts, grooming, physical fitness and, not surprisingly, their accessories Here are some tidbits about this phenomenon:- 10% increase: A survey of upper income people showed the chap half of the population increasing their jewelry spending a complete 10% while the gals upped their expenditures by 6.5%- Accessories for men: Not only are the guys buying jewels, theyre moreover snapping up phenomenon that Time Magazine dubbed ‘mancessories’ Some examples of these ‘must haves’ for men include:- Manny Hose: Yep, thats right. Why should males expose their imperfect gams when they can accessorize them with these flattering stockings Uh, I mean ‘legwear’- Makeup: Why should ladies be the only gender encouraged to make up their eyes and faces? Some companies are moulding ‘manscara’ and ‘guyliner.’- Mandals: The Romans were so sexy in their gladiator sandals and so are hindmost man-feet. Mandals, in point you didnt already digit it out are man-sandals- Carryalls: The dude-purse made its debut back on a Jerry Seinfield bite where it was politically correctly labeled a ‘European Carryall’ Dont bang it, guys, once youve experienced the purse, its difficult to go back- Who is whipping out their wallet: The males are buying their have rings, watches and necklaces. Yes, they besides buy bangles for their sweeties but lots of these baubles are for them-sweet-them- What theyre purchasing:- Rings: And not logical nuptial rings, either Non-marriage allied rings were the prime category of treasures being snapped up- Bracelets and necklaces: Not just ID manacles and gold chains. Dudes are going for all kinds of styles on items to irradiate their wrists and necks These products reportedly showed a 20% increase in sales- Cufflinks: Another classic item, cufflinks grade gigantic in the ‘most captivating items’ category. Gold, silver, plain, fancy, jeweled, engraved and more are the choices selected to symmetry shirt cuffs.- Less expensive options also popular: Not only is there a surge in jewelry purchasing at fancy shops, but some of the mainstream retailer field stores are besides reporting an increased character of men hustings up accessories to wear Buying a brace of cufflinks in Macys can endure like an exercise of faith that the economy is going the proper direction.Jewelry stores keep always been a staple in American retail Jewelers who understand their regalia and precious metal are valuable experts and providers of treasures and heirlooms. Not only are jewelers selling their wares to lots of guys, they are furthermore dormant catering to the gentlewoman customer, repairing items, resetting stones and even buying unwanted gold, silver and gems from customers whod fairly make some financial from their unwanted items

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