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Collection of Jewelry from I800’s through mid 1900’s

A special collection of jewelry, some of European descent, from a New York Estate, has recently been offered to the governmental for sale. Quite a few extroadinary pieces, especially for collectors and researchers of the point stand are available Body Copy: Recently “Ice Originals II”, a collectibles and antique website, had the gratification of acquiring a slice of a sizeable New York Estate that includes jewelry items from the 1800’s through the mid 1900’s Quite a few of the earlier pieces are of definite European manufacture, as they feature the European style clasps and hinges and definite European designs There are some uncommonly interesting pieces, that appear as if they could obtain historic and research value, as well as the standard good germane to collectors

Collection of Jewelry from I800’s through mid 1900’s

Collection of Jewelry from I800's through mid 1900's

Several of the pieces angle drudge chasing and enamel, inlaid into the gold Several are guard pins, as well as zone pins, brooches, and some remarkably nice gouge steel and gold earrings The art deco and art nouveau movements are plainly represented as well as some transition pieces These jewelry items, each extraordinary well designed and crafted, are true representations of the jewelry of these early decades The lot can be viewed at “Ice Originals II” which is located at:


Anyone who is a serious collector, as well as anyone researching this name of jewelry in encouraged to visit this website and scenery these beautiful pieces Along with all the items described, there is furthermore a mountain of workman carved shell and heavy fan cameos, as well as cameo rings. Some of these pieces pre-date the 1860’s, and obtain been so carefully protected and stored that they appear to be in almost new condition! As vocal previously, these items are part of a New York Estate, passed down though a family, and only a portion of this beautiful pile has recently been placed up for sale to the public Other pieces not for sale include an perfect suite of sackcloth jewelry, made of jet, that is just phenomenal, as well as several pre-1860 pieces that are fair perfect, in gold, and containing precious stones such as diamonds and rubies Many appear to be custom made pieces and contain strong European influences, most likely originating in the UK or surrounding areas. The lessor of the heap is not wholly sure of all pedigree of the family, so any viewers of the pieces up for sale are welcomed to email any input they may own on the items and their origins to the owner of the website, as the collection owner is eager to learn other about the items before they are sold These pieces are offered on consignment reason to the seller, so therefore, prices are firm, although most are reasonably priced, well within the serious collectors emolument reach

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Whether looking for that special capacity for a special lady,interested in Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Edwardian design, or doing research of the time frames indicated this is definitely a visit worth your time!


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